Ubuntu - Browsers

The default browser for Ubuntu is Firefox and the latest version of Ubuntu always comes with the latest version of Firefox. On the desktop, you will see Firefox as the third component on the lefthand side. Double-click the icon to get started.

Default Browsers

Browsing Sites

We can type the address of the site we wish to visit in the address bar and hit enter to get the site loaded. We will get the same user-like experience as in Windows.

Browsing Sites

Installing Add-ons

Step 1 − Additional add-ons can be installed by going to the options and choosing the Add-ons option.

Installing Add-ons

Using this option, we can view the add-ons installed and install new ones.

View Add-ons

We can search for an add-on and then click the Install button to install an add-on.

Search Add-ons

Step 2 − For example, let us install the “Download flash and Video” add-on as shown in the above screenshot. Click the Install button at its side.

Download flash and Video

Step 3 − Once done, the browser will prompt for restart. After restarting the browser, go to the Installed Add-ons section. It will show the “Flash and Video Download” add-on installed as seen in the following screenshot.

Installed flash and Video

Responsive Layout

Here, we can see how the browser will adapt to various screen sizes.

Step 1 − Click Options → Developer.

Click Options

Step 2 − Click Responsive Design View.

Responsive Design View

Now, we can view the site in different browser sizes to see if they would respond as they should if they are viewed on different devices.

View Site

Using Chromium

The default application for Chrome usage on Ubuntu is called Chromium. Following are the steps to install Chromium −

Step 1 − Go to the application manager for Ubuntu and go to the Internet section.

Application Manager

Step 2 − In the following screen, click the Chromium web browser option.

Chromium Web Browser Option

Step 3 − Next, click the Install button to install Chromium.

Install Chromium

Step 4 − Once the browser is installed, the chromium browser option will appear on the left-hand panel. Use it to launch Chromium.

Launch Chromium
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