Ubuntu - Virtual Machines

Ubuntu can also be installed as virtual machines. Some of the software which support virtual machines are −

  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • VMWare Workstation
  • Oracle VirtualBox

Let’s use Oracle VirtualBox to create our Ubuntu virtual machine. Oracle VirtualBox is a free tool from Oracle. Following are the steps to have the virtual machine in place.

Step 1 − Download Oracle VirtualBox from the oracle site − https://www.virtualbox.org/

Download Oracle VirtualBox

Step 2 − Go to the downloads section and download the Windows version.

Download Windows Version

Step 3 − Once download is complete, install VirtualBox. Launch the installer. Click the Run button on the following screen.

install VirtualBox

Step 4 − Click the Next button on the subsequent screen.

Click Next Button

Step 5 − Choose the appropriate folder location and click the Next button.

Choose Appropriate Folder

Step 6 − Click Next on the subsequent screen.

Click Next

Step 7 − Click the ‘Yes’ button on the next screen to proceed ahead with the installation.

Proceed with Installation

Step 8 − Click Install on the next screen.

Click Install

Step 9 − After the installation is complete, launch Oracle VirtualBox. On the Launch screen, click the ‘New’ menu option.

Launch Oracle VirtualBox

Step 10 − Give a name for the virtual machine and give the type as Ubuntu and then click the Next button.

Virtual Machine

Step 11 − In the next screen, keep the recommended RAM as it is and click the Next button.

Keep Recommended RAM

Step 12 − Accept the default setting for the virtual hard disk and click the Create button.

Accept Default Setting

Step 13 − Accept the hard disk type and click the Next button.

Accept Hard Disk

Step 14 − Accept the default type of physical hard disk allocation and click the Next button.

Hard Disk Allocation

Step 15 − Accept the default file location and click the Create button.

Default File Location

Step 16 − Now that the Virtual Machine has been created, click the Settings Menu option.

Click Setting Menu

Step 17 − Go to the Storage option, click the Empty disk icon and browse for the Ubuntu iso image. Then click the OK button.

Storage Option

Finally click the Start button. The system prompts to install Ubuntu. Follow the steps in the Installation chapter and we will have a Virtual Machine hosting Ubuntu.

Click Start Button