Ubuntu - Media Players

Ubuntu provides some options when it comes to Media Players.


By default, it contains a music player called Rhythmbox.

We can search for it, and launch it as shown in the following screenshot.


The general user interface of Rhythmbox is as shown in the following screenshot. It can be used to play music from the computer or even download and listen to songs from the Internet.

Rhythmbox Interface

To add music, click the File menu option and choose the Add Music option.

Add Music Option

To listen to radio stations, click on the Radio option on the left hand side of the screen, click the desired radio station, and click the play button.

Click Radio Option


Shotwell is the default application for managing photos. This application does a good job in offering the users all the possible options required for managing photos and photo albums.

We can search for the application and launch it as shown in the following screenshot.


The general user interface of the application is as shown in the following screenshot.

General User Interface

To import the existing folders, choose the menu option of File → Import from folder.

Import Folders

Then choose the location to which the photos are to be imported and click the OK button.

Choose Location to Import Images

It now gives an option to either copy the photos from the place or to Import in place. Let’s choose the option to copy the photos.

Copy Photos Options

Once done, the photos will then be visible in the source location.

Photos Visible

Enhancement tools can be used to enhance the picture. To do so, just click the picture and choose the Enhance option from the left-hand context menu.

Enhancement Tools

We can then enlarge the picture, auto correct it, remove red-eye along with many other adjustment features.

Adjust Features


VLC is the most widely used video player and this is also available in Ubuntu.

To get VLC installed, following are the steps.

Step 1 − Go to the Software Center and choose the Video option.

Software Center

Step 2 − Choose the option of VLC media player as shown in the following screenshot.

Choose VLC Options

Step 3 − Click the Install button in the following screen to begin the installation of VLC media player.

VLC Media Player Installation

Step 4 − Once complete, click the Launch button.

Click Launch Option

VLC media player will now launch. The media player can be normally used as on a Windows machine.

Launch Media Player
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