Ubuntu - LibreOffice

LibreOffice is a suite of office products available in Ubuntu. It is similar to the Microsoft suite of products although there are some features of Microsoft Office that does not work with LibreOffice and vice versa.

LibreOffice was first introduced in the year 1985 by a company called StarOffice. In the year 2002, the suite was taken by OpenOffice.org with Sun Microsystems being a major contributor to the product. From the year 2010 onwards, a separate branch of the source code of the product was taken which is now known as LibreOffice.

We will look at the LibreOffice writer and Calc in subsequent chapters. In this chapter, we will look at LibreOffice Impress which is the PowerPoint version of Microsoft.

The LibreOffice suite comes in-built in Ubuntu and is available in the Software launcher.

LibreOffice Suite

The icon of LibreOffice is encircled in red in the above screenshot. Once we click on the icon, the Impress Software will launch and the following screen will pop up.

Launch Impress Software

The interface looks quite similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. We can then modify the content on the slides as required.

LibreOffice Interface

Adding Slides

Adding slides to Impress is pretty similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. There are multiple ways of adding slides. One way is to use the Duplicate Slide option.

Adding Slides

We can decide on the slide layout of the new slide by choosing the layout from the layout panel that appears on the right-hand side of the screen.

Layout Panel

Saving Slides

To save the presentation, choose the ‘Save As’ menu option.

Save Presentation

Provide the name and location of the slide and click the Save button.

Provide Slide Name and Location

Opening Slides

To open an existing presentation, click the Open menu option.

Opening Slides

Choose the location and name of the file. Click the Open button to open the presentation.

Open Presentation
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