The Trove Alternatives

What is The Trove?

The Trove is an online library where a lot of books are available in electronic form. There is no need to make a payment for reading these books. You can look for books of different categories like fiction, mystery, science, romance, and many more. The website was launched in 2008 and now thousands of users visit the website to read different kinds of books.

Cost of The Trove

You can read different types of books on the website without paying any money.

Why The Trove Alternatives?

The Trove website has been banned in 2016 because of legal issues. The website provided books which users can read free of cost. Now users look for alternatives to read their favorite books.

How to choose a The Trove Alternative?

There are many advantages of Trove and people who want to look for an alternative should look at the following benefits −

The books on the website can be accessed free of cost −

  • Books of different categories are available

  • Thousands of users visit the website daily

  • A search bar is available to find the books

Top 10 The Trove Alternatives

There are many alternatives to The Trove and we will discuss some of them here.

Alternative 1 – Z-Library

Z-L Library is one of the best Trove alternatives which consists of almost 10 million books. You can access all of these books for free. You can find classic as well as modern books on the website. Besides this, the website also consists of more than 80 million articles. The website is updated frequently so you can find many new books and articles most often.

Alternative 2 – Internet Archive

Internet Archive consists of 2 million books and that is the reason it is considered as an excellent alternative to The Trove. The website also has other content like webpages, software applications, games, music, movies, websites, and many more. The website has millions of books in different formats which are available for free.

Alternative 3 – Project Gutenburg

Project Gutenburg is the first online library which has been launched for the people who are fond of reading. The website consists of more than 60,000 eBooks. Books on classic literature and modern books can be found on this website. The mission of this website is to preserve history, culture, and literary works. If you want to access more books, you have to pay a fee

Alternative 4 – Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a website where users can access free eBooks, essays, and other content. Besides these, you can also access books of academic interest, comics, photos, podcasts, and journals. The website is safe to use and navigation is easy.

Alternative 5 – has a large number of books which are available to be downloaded for free. Besides eBooks, the website also has content in other formats. TV shows, games, and magazines are also available on this website. You just need to choose the content that you want to access and read either online or download it to read offline.

Alternative 6 – Bookbub

Bookbub includes books that are provided by online stores and authors. This is the reason that the website is unique and you can have access to unknown content. Authors are allowed to publish their books on this website either for free or at discounted prices. The books can be downloaded on different devices like mobiles, tablets, Android phones, iPads, and many more.

Alternative 7 – Librivox

Librivox is another alternative to The Trove and it consists of audiobooks. Audiobooks consist of voice- recorded text which users can listen to rather than reading books. People who are good listeners rather than a reader can access this website and download the audiobooks of their choice. You can also become a volunteer to make and upload your audiobooks on the website. There are more than 150,000 audiobooks which can be accessed from different electronic devices.

Alternative 8 – BookGuru

BookGuru is a website that allows users to access, read, and download books for free. Besides electronics books, you can also find books related to engineering, medical science, social science, computer science, and many more. BookGuru consists of different types of books and has become one of the best alternatives to The Trove.

Alternative 9 – Overdrive EBook Download

It is a service which users can use to access and download books from the Overdrive website. A wide variety of books are available on this website which users can either read or download. The website can be accessed easily from any electronic device. A subscription card is needed to access the service.

Alternative 10 –

RPGGeek is a website which can be accessed to play different types of games. The website also has forums which have information related to different types of games. The website is an open-source platform for accessing tabletop games. It is one of The Trove alternatives related to gaming.


The Trove is a website where users can find millions of electronic books. The books are available on various subjects and users can download the books or read them online. As the website is illegal so it has been shut down. There are many alternatives to The Trove where millions of books are available.

Updated on: 09-May-2023

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