Scheduling with MS Project

Learn how the best Project Managers use MS Project to create schedules

  Ben Moreau

   Microsoft Project, Project Management, Office Productivity

  Language - English

   Published on 02/2022



Are you a beginner and want to learn to schedule with MS Project the way professionals do it without going through the soporific details of functions that are never used?

Hi all - In my 20 years as Project Manager I have successfully implemented projects for HP and IBM (amongst others) and if you follow this course you will know MS Project as much as I (and most Project Managers) do. 

That's all there is to it but it can be very powerful if used properly. 


This course will show you how to create a schedule in Microsoft Project like pros do. 

The course focuses on the the most important functionality that is used in real life, on real projects. In my 20+ years as Project Manager I have only used the functions outlined in this course.

Project Managers simply do not have time to build complex projects schedules. Schedules need to be 

  • easy to maintain / fast to update

  • easy to share / easy to understand 

For this reason Project Managers only use a few (but powerful) components of the Microsoft Project / MS Project functionality. 

This course focuses on what knowledge is required to build a solid and usable schedule. The type of schedule project managers needs, for him/her but also to present a clear timeline to peers and Management. 

There are 3 main chapters to this course:

In the introduction, I walk you through the software. 

  • First very briefly then

  • In more detail where I show you the main functionalities.

Part 1 will show you

  • The main functionality

  • How to build a schedule in 6 steps

  • Practice activity for each concept.

In Part 2 we will 

  • Review some more advanced concepts.

  • Do a practice activity for this Part.

Finally in the conclusion I will explain some other functionalities that are never used.

Have fun!

What Will I Get ?

  • Become a Microsoft MS project EXPERT the easy way
  • Learn the 6 Steps for a successful, accurate and beautiful schedule
  • Master the art of simplifying your schedule to become more efficient
  • Practice what you learn with a practical example


  • MS Project is required if you want to do the practice activities
  • Preferably a large screen to ensure good visibility on software walkthrough (no mobile phones!)
  • Adobe Acrobat (free to download) for course resources

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