Fundamentals Of Storytelling

Become a better writer and storyteller!

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This guide will teach you the tricks that every screenwriter, playwright and novelist uses! Must have companion guide for every creative writer.

Great films, novels and plays all have one main thing in common - the fundamentals of storytelling.

Utilize the essential storytelling elements to create exciting, memorable and well written stories

This book will give you an in-depth guide into each of the essential elements and teach you how to use them. You will create a unique premise with intricate themes inside an original setting. Your characters will be fully developed and they will face exciting conflicts and antagonists. The traditional Three Act Structure will drive your story to an amazing climax. This book will also help you edit your stories and cultivate your own captivating author's voice. The step by step techniques will guide you from idea creation to completion!

Learn with examples from some of the best stories ever told!

In this book you will find hundreds of examples of modern films, stories and plays to help you fully understand the storytelling concepts and implement them into your stories. Each section has a variety of examples in case you aren't familiar with one.

The journey to a complete story is not always easy, but with the step by step approach in this book and your own creativity, you will be set up for success.

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Fundamentals Of Storytelling
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