ChatGPT Prompts and Certification

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ChatGPT Prompts and Certification

Use ChatGPT like a pro with comprehensive training and become a certified expert

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Explore the extensive curriculum of carefully crafted video courses the printing and typesetting industry.

ChatGPT Masterclass: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide!
40 Lectures | 3 hr 45 min | 4 Preview Lectures
Complete OpenAI ChatGPT Course with Practical
49 Lectures | 3 hr 41 min | 7 Preview Lectures
ChatGPT Prompt Engineering with 1200+ Prompts
55 Lectures | 2 hr 23 min | 4 Preview Lectures
Generative AI & ChatGPT : Text, Image and Code completion
26 Lectures | 1 hr 36 min | 4 Preview Lectures
ChatGPT for Web Design - Create Amazing Websites in 1 Hour!
19 Lectures | 3 hr 41 min | 3 Preview Lectures
ChatGPT For Content, Socials & Ecommerce : Get 3 IN 1 Bundle
24 Lectures | 3 hr 15 min | 3 Preview Lectures
Start Free Money Making Blogging with ChatGPT & WordPress
13 Lectures | 3 hr 40 min | 2 Preview Lectures
ChatGPT Unleashed
40 Pages | Author: Lionel Tchami


Make the most of this Certification to learn everything you need in one place.

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  • Use ChatGPT for your Business operations

  • Understand Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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  • Master crucial AI technologies with ChatGPT

  • Overview

    Learn how to use ChatGPT with the right prompts and practical training from industry experts. Get certified as a ChatGPT expert to boost your career.

    This extensive ChatGPT prompts and certification provides a clear understanding of how to use ChatGPT, the prominent Generative AI for your benefit. The techniques and prompts you learn here will help you in generating content, access information faster, and do much more. By the end of this training, you will be ready with the most in-demand set of skills in your arsenal. You can attract a significant number of employers who are looking for employees with ChatGPT expertise.

    From designing sales and marketing strategies to developing web applications and designing websites, it is proven that ChatGPT can do almost everything. The real challenge is to know how to make the most out of it in the right way.

    ChatGPT Prompts and Certification Overview

    Enrolling in this training will get you started with engaging ChatGPT with your free account. Understand the Natural Language Processing (NLP) of ChatGPT as a beginner and optimize its performance like a pro.

    It is important to know how to give the right prompt to get the best result from a Generative AI like ChatGPT. By enrolling in this training you will master all successful prompt techniques to get desired results for all your objectives. From copywriting and programming to designing websites and marketing strategies. Moreover, you also get access to 1200+ prompts that you can copy and use.

    The training also helps you learn the most popular programing language, Python. The globally embraced language plays a vital role in software development and using ChatGPT you do not have to spend exhaustive hours learning it. With this guide, you will have access to real-world source code examples which help you in building your own applications and projects.

    Create a Website Using ChatGPT

    You can build a functioning website with robust UI/UX using ChatGPT. Even without coding experience, you can build a website in only a couple of hours. If you are a web designer you will find this course beneficial as it boosts your productivity 10 fold.

    You will get complete end-to-end support in building your website. You can add content to the website matching your niche using ChatGPT prompts for website design and learn to connect the site to a database to gather user information from contact forms. Moreover, you will also learn how to set up a domain and host the website live.

    Create Content Using ChatGPT

    ChatGPT can be your excellent resource for generating captivating content. By using the right ChatGPT prompts for content writing, you can generate the content that drives traffic to your website. Along with content, you will learn how to develop a promising social media presence by creating impactful posts, persuasive captions, and increasing audience engagement. Enhance customer experiences and optimize your e-commerce operations to boost conversions and sales.

    You acquire the necessary skills to adapt and succeed in the digital world. You will have crucial insights into the latest best practices in content creation, and social media through practical applications.

    Create Images and Code using ChatGPT

    The conversation bot does not create an image for you but it can be used as a prompt generator. You can use AI image generators like Dall-E to get images of your likes. All you need is to learn what kind of prompt gets the job done. You will learn the right ChatGPT prompts for images in this certification in ChatGPT.

    By using the appropriate Open AI API, you can generate the code in the respective programming language. You can get help writing and fixing your code with the help of this tutorial where you will learn crucial ChatGPT prompts for coding.

    Create Chatbot using ChatGPT 

    Through this certification program, you will learn how to build an AI Chatbot on your own giving the right prompts to ChatGPT. The curriculum will walk you through the process of obtaining the Open AI API and using all the technical requisites like Python language, designing conversation flow, etc. You will get hands-on practical experience in using the right ChatGPT prompts for the chatbot.


    • At least a free Open AI account
    • Basic programming knowledge would be a plus but not mandatory
    • Basic mathematics would be a plus

    ChatGPT Prompts and Certification

    Tools to Master


    Use your Certification to demonstrate expertise and advance your career. Earn big by mastering technology as a whole.

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    Does this Certification require any prior knowledge?

    No, this is a complete A to Z Certification that teaches from the basics to advanced concepts and skills. 

    What are the learning outcomes of this certification?

    You will receive training from experts in Prompt Engineering. Efficiently use ChatGPT for various tasks like creating content, debugging, web designing, marketing, copywriting, campaigns & more.  

    What is the duration of this Certification?

    This Certification consists of 7 video courses and has an overall duration of 22 hours. So you can set your pace and easily complete this Certification.

    Does this Certification certification have lifetime access?

    Yes, Tutorials Point offers lifetime access to all its Certifications/ Courses. So, once you purchase a Certification/Course, you can access it anytime.

    Does this Certification have a refund policy?

    Yes, Tutorials Point offers a 30-Days Money Back Guarantee for all its Certifications/Courses.

    Will ChatGPT replace me at work?

    ChatGPT has the ability to perform various tasks but needs a human to use in order to get efficient results. This is because prompts require critical thinking, empathy, and other human emotions to give effective responses.

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