SAP MM (Materials Management) Certification Training

Become an SAP MM Consultant with end-to-end training on SAP Material Management module. Learn MM config, inventory, more


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   Published on 04/2022



A warm welcome to the SAP MM (Materials Management) course by Uplatz.

SAP MM (Materials Management) is one the largest functional module in SAP. This module primarily deals with Procurement Process, Master Data (Material & Vendor Master), Inventory Management, Valuation of Material & Account Determination, Material Requirement Planning , Invoice Verification, etc.

SAP MM is an important module of the SAP ERP ECC. It offers warehouse and inventory management facilities. This is because materials management is a key purpose needed to sustain their supply chain. The main purpose of the SAP PP application software is to ensure that the supply chain has no gaps. The software assists employees to make sure that the materials are available in suitable quantity and can be used in a streamlined manner across the production line. The SAP MM module supports the procurement and inventory functional processes taking place in day-to-day business operations. It includes various business elements such as purchase, goods received, inventory, material storage, planning, warehouse supply, and more.

SAP Material Management provides the functionality required to purchase goods and services, manage inventory, and inspect incoming materials. The Purchasing function involves creation of requisitions, requisition approval, purchase order generation, and receipt of goods and services. Similarly, Inventory Management includes issuing and transferring inventory, inventory restocking, and the inventory count and adjustment processes. The MM module includes two important master data – material and vendor. Broadly, various levels that can be defined for an SAP MM implementation are Client, Company Code, Plant, Storage Location and Purchase Organization.

This is an end-to-end SAP MM course offered by Uplatz and intends to provide you the MM configuration, implementation, and management information that consists of several mechanism and sub-components prominently including Master Data, Purchasing, and Inventory, Evaluation of Materials, Consumption-based planning, and Invoice Verification. In the beginning of the SAP MM training, there is an overview of the ERP system, SAP tools, navigation, enterprise structure, and the like.

If you wish to go for a growing career option and experience in Supply Chain Management and Procurement, then learning SAP MM module is the correct choice.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the core concepts of SAP MM

  • Learn about Plant – This is a location where inventory items can be stored. Companies can store their financial transactions and maintain them

  • Learn about Storage Locations – This is the physical location where the stock is kept

  • Learn about Purchase organization – This unit contains the data related to purchase orders and pricing. This makes the acquisition of goods cost-effective.

  • Acquire extensive knowledge about the Functions and Objectives of Material Management

  • Get acquainted with the organizational structure of an enterprise in the SAP R/3 System

  • Define various Document Types such as PR, PO, REQ, Contract, and more for Purchasing Documents

  • Gain knowledge about the Release group, Release codes, Release Indicator, Release prerequisite, Release strategies

  • Learn about the Schema Group, Calculation Schema, Schema Group Vendors, Schema Determination, and more

  • Get Acquainted with the organization for service categories, number ranges for Service Entry Sheet, and more

  • Create Physical Inventory Document and list of Inventory Differences

  • Learn about Stock transport Order, Returnable Transport Packaging, Third Party Processing, and more

  • Know extensively about Material Valuation, Split Valuation, Global Categories, and more

  • Acquire knowledge about the Invoice Verification Procedure, Invoice for Purchase Order, Automatic Settlements (ERS), GR/IR Account Maintenance, and more

  • Integrate MM with other Modules such as FI/CO, SD, PP

SAP MM - Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction to ERP and SAP MM (Materials Management)

  2. Enterprise Structure

  3. Logistics General

  4. Purchasing

  5. Schema Determination

  6. Vendor Evaluation

  7. Physical Inventory

  8. Valuation and Account Assignment

  9. Logistic Invoice Verification

  10. Integration

  11. Excise Duty Configuration

  12. Purchase Order

  13. Material Master

  14. RFQ Quotation

  15. Quota Arrangement

  16. Info Records

  17. Prices Surcharge and Discount

  18. MIRO Postings

  19. Goods Receipt and PO

  20. Procure to Pay Process

  21. Tickets in SAP MM

  22. LSMW

  23. Accelerated Methodology

  24. Contracts

  25. Service Entry Sheet

  26. Integration of MM with SD

  27. Release Blocked Invoices

  28. Automatic Postings

  29. Purchase Tables overview

  30. MRP Evaluations

  31. Special Material Creation

  32. Movement Types and Transaction Keys

  33. Customizing User and Roles

  34. SAP MM Functional Group Editor

Who this course is for:

  • SAP MM Consultants
  • Package Consultants: SAP HANA SCM MM
  • Newbies and Beginners aspiring for a career in SAP Materials Management and associated modules
  • SAP Functional Consultants - MM, PM, PP, QM, WM
  • Managers - SAP MM
  • SAP MM Materials Management Application Developers
  • Supervisors and Store Managers
  • SAP Project Managers
  • SAP MM Implementation & Support Consultants
  • Migration Consultants & Program Managers - SAP Materials Management
  • SAP Logistics Functional Consultants
  • Anyone interested in learning SAP MM and become an MM Consultant or End user
  • SAP & ERP Professionals
  • Inventory Managers & Supervisors
  • SAP Master Data Management Consultants

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn the end-to-end configuration of SAP Materials Management module

  • Manage the materials procurement, inventory, and logistics processes in SAP

  • Manage and maintain an organization's purchase and manufacturing processes. figuration of SAP MM

  • Learn how to integrate SAP MM with FI, SD, PP, PM, QM, WM


  • Enthusiasm and determination to make your mark on the world!

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