Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

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The Microsoft Word (MS-Word) application is one of the many applications in the Microsoft Office package. MS-Word is used in offices, schools, and organizations to create simple and formal documents such as CV, letters etc.

The course is designed for both beginners who do not have any prior background in MS-Word, and for intermediate level people who also wish to extend their practical/hand-on skills and knowledge.


  • To achieve or fully take advantage of this course, you need to have some prior knowledge Windows operating system environments.
  • It is important you have a laptop or desktop computer with the Ms-Word application installed, preferably, a laptop with Windows 10 and with Office365.


  • In this MS-Word course, we will utilize a practical or hands-on approach to show the skills on how you can create simple office documents with pre-formatted texts, tables and adding some graphics and designs.
  • You will learn the skills of editing texts, formatting texts, creating tables, adding designs to your document, and using graphics and other tools.
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Microsoft Word
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