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Forex Trading

Master the Art of Currency Trading

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updated on icon Updated on Jul, 2023

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This eBook includes

Formats : PDF (Downlodable)

Pages : 22

ISBN : STT-00000111


Language : English

About the Book

Book description

Outcome of learning this course

By completing this Forex Trading course, students will be equipped with a solid foundation in forex trading, including both fundamental and technical analysis, trading strategies, risk management, and trading psychology. They will also be introduced to advanced topics such as options trading, futures, and derivatives. Students will learn how to use trading platforms and tools effectively and will be able to develop their own trading plans to suit their individual trading styles.

On this course

  1. Introduction to forex trading.
  2. What is forex?
  3. Why trade forex?
  4. When can you trade forex?
  5. How to trade forex?
  6. Demo Account. 
  7. Payment Methods. 
  8. Copy Trading. 
  9. Algorithmic Trading. 
  10. Forex Knowledge. 
  11. Currency Pairs. 
  12. Bid and Ask Price. 
  13. Balance and Equity. 
  14. Order Types. 
  15. Lot. 
  16. Volume. 
  17. Leverage. 
  18. Margin.
  19. Fundamental analysis.
  20. Economic Indicators and News Events. 
  21. Central Banks and Monetary Policy. 
  22. Understanding Interest Rates. 
  23. Technical analysis. 
  24. Introduction to Technical Analysis. 
  25. Price Action Analysis. 
  26. Technical Indicators. 
  27. Moving Averages. 
  28. Support and Resistance. 
  29. Trading strategies. 
  30. Trend Trading. 
  31. Swing trading. 
  32. Breakout trading. 
  33. Trading psychology. 
  34. Emotions and Trading. 
  35. Trading platforms. 
  36. Meta Trader 4 and 5. 
  37. Choosing a Forex Broker.

Why should you enroll to this course?

  • This course is suitable for everyone who wants to have an edge in the forex market, whether you are just starting out or you have been there for a while.

Course by: Sydney Tinki


  • Understand the concept of trend trading and how it can be used in forex trading
  • Learn how to identify different types of trends using technical analysis
  • Understand how to use trendlines and moving averages to confirm trend direction
  • Understand the benefits and risks of trend trading
  • Learn how to manage risk effectively when trend trading
Forex Trading

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Sydney Tinki

Sydney Tinki

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