SAP Testing - Types


There are different testing methods that can be used to test the functionality of a software, system, or an application.

The most common testing techniques are −

  • Unit Testing − It is a type of white-box testing that involves testing a single unit or group of units.

  • Integration Testing − In this testing, multiple systems are combined together to test the output of the integrated system.

  • Functional Testing − It checks the functionality of each module as per the desired result.

  • Usability Testing − It checks the ease of use of an application or a system. It checks how easy it would be for a new user to use an application or to understand the system.

  • Acceptance Testing − Acceptance testing is performed to test if a system meets the user requirement and whether to accept the application or system.

  • System Testing − Entire system is tested as per the requirement and specification.

  • Stress Testing − In this testing, the system is put into stress beyond its specification to check when it fails.

  • Performance Testing − This testing is performed to check if the system meets the performance requirement.

  • Regression Testing − It includes testing the full application or system for the modifications.

  • Beta Testing − The aim of beta testing is to cover unexpected errors. It falls under the class of black-box testing. It is performed by releasing the pre-version of the final product, called Beta.

  • Database Testing − Database testing is used to test the data in the database. It is performed using SQL statements.

  • ETL Testing − ETL testing is performed to ensure if data is correctly extracted, transformed, and loaded from a source system to a target system.