SAP Testing - TAO Consolidate


Consolidate is known as a process to combine SAP TAO components with inbuilt components to create test scenarios as single transactional business components. It allows you to collect multiple test components into one test.

It happens when transactional components are gathered. The following screenshot shows the transaction components in QC.

You need to find the test in Quality Center from QC tree and click the Consolidate option.

click Consolidate.

Select the Transaction code you want to consolidate and click Add to Consolidate list at the bottom to create a test scenario.

As covered in the previous chapters, you need to follow the steps given below −

  • Step 1 − Find out the transaction you want to consolidate in QC.

  • Step 2 − Add the transactions to consolidate list.

  • Step 3 − Press the consolidate button.

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