SAP Testing - Interfaces


An Interface in an ERP system is known as a tool that is responsible to get data from one system and move that data to another system. For example, assume you have a program that produces a report in XML format and then this program reads the XML file to provide input to another system. You can also manipulate while passing the information from one system to other.


Consider a vendor tool that takes care of employee attendance. Now, the system interface will take this information and populate it in the SAP HR system.

Interface testing ensures that this job is running successfully to ensure that the data is transferred completely and there is no error while transferring the data to the SAP HR system.

Points to be considered while performing SAP Interface Testing

SAP Interface testing is purely dependent on the operations and organizational processes. While performing SAP Interface Testing, you need to consider the following key points −

  • What is the purpose of using SAP Interface and what business scenarios are processed by the interface?

  • Check if the Interface is processing all business scenarios accurately as per the test strategy.

  • To perform Interface testing, the best practice is to start with performing Unit testing.

  • You have to check if the outbound interface is alright, which means that it ensures to perform file meeting specifications in terms of layout, etc.

  • You have to check if the inbound interface is okay. Check if it is reading the file correctly and if it is performing the correct steps in the target system.

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