SAP Testing - Case Study


Most of the companies that implement SAP need to perform testing. As the scope of testing is too large, an automated approach can be followed to maintain the changes in SAP system.

Various companies have designed their internal solutions to meet client requirements to perform SAP Testing. Clients can be from banking, finance, manufacturing or healthcare domain.


Given below is an example of performing SAP testing for a manufacturing company.

Client Requirement − The client is a UK based manufacturing company. Project requirement was to perform SAP testing using QTP and to perform automation and functional testing key operations in field of Human Resource, Supply Chain, Logistics, Material Management and Plant maintenance and to use automated test cases for SAP upgrade and to perform integration and Regression testing.

Tasks Performed − It started with understanding of key business processes and SAP system tasks to be automated. Testing team referenced an old pilot project to finalize test strategy, time and effort required to run test execution in HP QTP tool.

As Part of project implementation 100 business processes were successfully automated. Implemented solution resulted in faster execution, more accuracy, increased scope and quality of service.

Tools Used − The following tools were used: SAP R/3, HP QTP, Test scripts written in VB, and Data in XML and XLS format.

Key Benefits Achieved − The following benefits were achieved −

  • System Validation
  • Quality and Revenue
  • Cost and Predictability
  • Compliance Management
  • New Implementation and Configuration Changes

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