TAO Build & Execute Test Script


Test building is done in SAP Quality Center using SAP TAO. You need to consolidate test components to create test scenarios. You can execute a single or multiple tests in SAP TAO using Technical Bill of Material TBOM.

Single Test Execution

Technical Bill of Material (TBOM) is used to contain the objects in an executable form. Change Analyzer makes use of this to tell if an executable object is affected when a change is performed.

In case you want to use the Business Process Change Analyzer, you need to generate a TBOM for each executable object in test scenarios and processes.

Note − If you need to run a single test and you have to update TBOM, click Execute and update TBOM.

You can check the details of update on the TBOM page. You can modify the run list that is created in SAP TAO.

Multiple Tests Execution

In Business Process Change Analyzer, to execute multiple tests, you can select a folder and add it to the run list. You can also select TBOM creation at the time of execution.

Note − If TBOM already exists at time of execution, it will only update the existing TBOM.

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