SAP Testing - TAO UI Scanner


UI scanner is used to create new screen components with existing components. It is a plugin for QTP tool. You should try to use inspect tab over UI scanner. The standard UI scanner works only with GUI front-end client. You can also use third-party UI scanner for capturing the screen components.

If you have to use UI scanner, you need to activate it in the Inspection tab of SAP TAO tool. UI scanner is used to get the information from one screen in one go and transfer these screen objects to QC as a screen component.

UI scanner allows you to create components from SAP GUI screen which are not supported by Process Flow Analyzer or Inspection tab.

How to use UI Scanner with SAP TAO?

When you login to SAP TAO, click the Inspect tab. It will show an option to use UI Scanner.

UI Scanner

Login to the SAP system. Enter the transaction code and go to the screen to be scanned and log off.

Enter transaction code

You can use the default UI Scanner option with QTP tool, by going to UI Scanning tab under Inspect option in SAP TAO. Otherwise, you can use custom QTP test with UI Scanner process by going to UI Scanner and selecting external option.