SAP Testing - Cases


SAP test-cases are required to perform a check on the installation and configuration of the SAP system, any new implementation, multi-language and device testing, intranet testing, real-time testing, etc.

An ERP system is a common centralized system and is used by multiple users simultaneously in real time. Hence it creates a need to write the test-cases with lot of effort and dedication.

An ERP system also involves various FI transactions, so each test-case should cover the scope of all the configuration and implementation part. Test data should be passed carefully and each test should have a column with name output data.


Test Case ID − XYZ_ERP_SD_A20301

Module − SAP Sales & Distribution SD

Let us check the transaction VA01 to create a sales order in the Sales and Distribution (SD) system.

Transaction VA01

Fields to be entered while creating an Order −

  • Order Date
  • Order Type
  • Expiry Date
  • Customer ID
  • Shipping Id, Shipping Details, etc
Initial Screen

Once you enter the details, press Enter and add all the details in the Sales Order.


To create a SAP test-case, you can pass input data (correct and Incorrect and see the outcome) −

Correct Input Data

  • Order Date 01/01/2016, Order Type Sales Order
  • Expiry Date 15/01/2016, Shipping Date 10/01/2016,
  • Select Payment Due Date 10/01/2015, Item Qty 10, etc.

Incorrect Input Data

  • Order Date 01/01/2017, Order Type Sales Order
  • Expiry Date 15/01/2017, Shipping Date 10/01/2017,
  • Select Payment Due Date 10/01/2017, Item Qty 0, etc.

Output Data - With Correct Data

  • Order is successfully saved in SAP module and invoiced.
  • Next is Packing slip number.
  • Next is Shipping Order number, etc.

Output Data - With incorrect Data

  • Error message for incorrect data input. Text message for incorrect input data should be defined in the system.

Expected Output

  • Sales Order#
  • Sales Invoice#
  • Packing List#, etc.

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