Salesforce - Visualforce Pages

Visualforce pages are webpages that belong to Salesforce. These webpages are created using a unique tag-based Mark-up language. It is similar to HTML but it's primary use is to access, display and update the organization’s data. The page is accessed by using a URL similar to that of a traditional webserver page.

Each tag in visual force language corresponds to some user interface component like section of a page, a list view or a field of an object. Interestingly, it can be easily mixed up with HTML markup, CSS style and Java libraries, etc.

Creating a Visualforce Page

Go to the link developer console → File → New → Visualforce page. The new window opens asking for a page name. Let us now call it HelloworldPage. Let us now write the code as shown in the following diagram.

Visualforce page 1

Click Save. Then, click on Preview. This opens a new webpage showing the result as shown in the following screenshot.

Visualforce page 2

Adding components

In this section, we will learn how to add components to a program that is already created. Let us add some user interface components to the program created above. We add a block and a section in that block by using the following code.

Visualforce page 3

On previewing the page, we get the following output.

Visualforce page 4

Setting Preferences

We can set the various settings for easy navigation by going to Help → Preferences.

Visualforce page 5