Salesforce - Automate Business Processes

The process builder tool helps in automating business processes. For example, all that goes into a record when a courier delivery is completed. This automation involves creating the following three steps −

  • Select an Object to start the process.
  • Add criteria to the object to allow the start of the process.
  • Add action to the criterial to trigger the execution of the process.

Let us now create a sample process which will add a record when the courier delivery is completed.

Add object to start the process

Go to the link Setup home → Platfrom Tools → Process Automation → Process Builder. Click New .Upon clicking New, the following window appears which asks for name of the process and description. We fill in the details as shown and click Save.

proc build 1

Next we get a process automation window. Click New to go to the next step. And choose the Object delivery schedule as shown below. Click Save.

proc build 2

Add Criteria

Click on the Add Criteria button in the canvas to add a condition for the process to be allowed to execute. Here we choose the delivery date as the filed which when updated will trigger the process. Click save to save the criteria.

proc build 4

Add Action

Next, we add action to trigger the start of the process when the condition is met.

proc build 5

With this setup, when a courier delivery is completed we are able to create a record to track the completion of the delivery.