Salesforce - Control Access Fields

There are scenarios in which we grant access to an object to a user but we also want to restrict the access to certain fields of that object. So using field level security, we can control the user's access to see, edit or delete certain fields of an object.

Field level access settings are achieved in two ways −

  • Edit a single permission set or profile containing all the fields which require access restriction.

  • Edit permission on a single field to be applied in multiple profiles.


To give edit access to the field DeliverySchedule on the object DeliveryLocations, we go to the permission set named CourierObjects which we created in the last chapter. Then go to the Object settings and choose the object named DeliveryLocations. Click Edit and select the field wherein, we need to set the permission.

Field Edit Permission Set

To set the field permission for one field across all profiles we open the object through schema builder and then right click on the specific field, choose manage Manage Field Permissions. We will now get the option to set the field permissions for many profiles for this single field.

Field Edit Permission Set2