Salesforce - Exporting Data

In this chapter, we will discuss how to export data from Salesforce. You can choose the objects from which data needs to be exported and also schedule a regular export form those objects. There is also a filtering option on how much data to export based on the age of the record.

Let us now see the steps to export data from Salesforce −

Step 1

Navigate to the link Setup Home → Data → Data Export. It will present a window to schedule an export by mentioning the frequency along with the start and end date to select the records to be exported.

Data Export 1

Step 2

In the next step, we choose the Salesforce objects the data of which need to be exported by selecting the check boxes as shown below.

Data Export 2

Step 3

Upon clicking Next as in the above step, you will be directed to a window which mentions that you have to wait for some time for the exported data to be ready for download. So in this step, we wait for the download link to appear in the same screen. Also a hyperlink to download the data is sent to the email id of the person who scheduled the export.

Data Export 3

Step 4

The Download links appear in this step.

Data Export 4