Researching for Your Next YouTube Video

All video content creators want to produce pertinent, interesting video content for their customers, whether they are producing corporate training, educational, or promotional videos for a service or company.

We all want to create YouTube videos that connect with our audience, no matter where they are from. We need to provide them with entertainment that keeps them interested and entices them to return for more.

I'll outline the strategies I employ in this post to generate fantastic YouTube video concepts for my audience.

Search on YouTube Platform

One of the finest ways to find what someone is looking for is through YouTube search. When I have an idea for a piece of material, I will quickly search YouTube to see what results are returned. I will then evaluate the search results to determine whether there is room for me to develop my own original version or if the market is already saturated.

For example: If I’m running a Fitness Channel on YouTube and I would like to create a video around “Flat Stomach Workout” then I will go to the YouTube and type the keyword Flat Stomach Workout, then the YouTube autosuggest feature suggests a bunch of additional keywords around this keyword Flat Stomach Workout. This will help me to better understand the type of the content people is searching on YouTube.

The above keywords on that list are ones that YouTube users are searching for, so using them as a starting point for potential YouTube video ideas is really helpful.

Check the Comments on Your Videos

A fantastic supply of topics and ideas for YouTube videos may be found in the comments section of videos. Many times, viewers may offer suggestions for new topics to cover or will pose question that reveal interests they may have which could justify a deeper exploration of your content strategy.

Don't forget to see the comments on the videos of your competitors as well. You can get really good amount of topic ideas inspiration by reading the comments on your own videos and the videos of other relevant YouTube channels.

For example: If I’m running a fitness channel and I would like to check my fellow top competitor’s comment section to grab new content ideas.

When I check the fitness blender video comment section, I found three main keywords here – ankle surgery, low-impact workouts, can’t jump. Taking these three keywords in consideration, I can frame a new video on low-impact workouts that can burn calories but doesn’t include jumps.

Conduct polls or Surveys

Another useful method for learning about the interests of your audience is through polls and surveys. In the Community tab, YouTube is having an additional feature to conduct polls.

For example, in my community tab, I asked my viewers what kind of videos they wanted me to post on my YouTube channel and I have given them options too, and the majority of people suggested me that I should make videos on daily vlogs and travel vlogs. So, now I've got an idea and I'm starting to make videos on daily vlogs and travel vlogs.

If you are having time and patience, you can create a separate video just a like a 30 sec short video asking your audience- what kind of content they would like to see on your channel or you can ask at the end of the video or in the comments section.

That's all, then! These are the quickest and simplest methods for coming up with unique and new ideas for YouTube videos.

Updated on: 16-Aug-2022


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