How To Find The Right Schedule For Youtube Video Publishing?

Finding the perfect publishing frequency on YouTube isn’t an easy task. If posting is too often, subscribers won’t have the time or energy to watch content. And if posting is too sporadically, viewers may unsubscribe from the channel.

Whether a creator has years of experience or just started, these powerful tips will help them to upload the right amount of content on YouTube.

Is It Good To Publish Too Frequently To Youtube?

Consistency is an important feature for a YouTuber. After all, the audience has little time in a day. YouTube understands this, and that’s why the platform will only send three video notifications to the subscribers every 24 hours and a creator can upload a maximum of five videos in a day.

Should You Publish Youtube Video After A Huge Interval Of Time?

On the other end, it’s also possible to post way too less on YouTube. Whether that can hurt the channel or not, the answer truly depends on the audience.

For example, an audience of 18 and younger may be more connected to the digital world and could easily watch every video of the subscribed channel, potentially more.

On the other side, if the audience is busy mothers who work during the week. They may have only an hour or two on Sunday nights to watch content

Quality Vs. Quantity On Youtube: Which Should You Focus On?

Every creator tries to make videos of the highest quality. But many times, the quantity may be more beneficial, when a new channel had started its YouTube journey. Uploading frequently makes a creator understand the process and after that quality can be taken care of.

There are also timed opportunities where quality isn’t the biggest priority. When a popular trend is there creators should post immediately on that topic.

When Is The Best Time To Post On Youtube In 2022?

To determine the best day and time to post on YouTube, Frederator Networks found the best times to post on YouTube to be −

How To Decide A Publishing Schedule For Youtube Videos Using Youtube Analysis

By now, you must have understood that the best way to plan videos is to study the audience. The YouTube Studio analytics contain everything we need to know, so here's a quick way to analyse the audiences −

The step-by-step procedure to find the best days and times to post on YouTube for an account is −

Open your YouTube channel on browser.

Open YouTube Studio.

Click on Analytics.

Open the Audience Tab.

The channel Analytics page will open, which shows the analysis of your channel view patterns.

When you scroll down the page, one can see different parameters on which the data can be analysed.

In May 2020, YouTube introduced “When your viewers are you YouTube” feature to help YouTubers the best days and times to publish their videos. This report isn’t available for channels that haven’t gained many views. In that case, creator has to depend on the general studies and data that YouTube Studio analytics provides for channels with no or little traffic.

Dark colour shows more engagement, as the colour intensity is decreasing volume of engagement is also decreasing. Analyse the graph and plan the best time for yourself.

Analysing Real-Time Analytics Of A Channel For Posting

If a creator wants to do real-time analysis the procedure is as follows −

Log in to your YouTube account.

Go to your profile icon on the upper left corner, and select YouTube Studio.

On the channel dashboard, click the Analytics section from the left-hand menu.

Click Overview. You can-do real-time analysis. You can also set a custom period.

To see last 48 hrs activity click see more. It will show the number of views channels got in each hour within the last 48 hours.

The last 48 hours activity will be shown.

Select the peak time of your channel views and publish your video content then.

If a graph is not there, it means that channel hasn't received much viewer data in the time frame.

Benefits Of Posting Youtube Videos Before The Peak Time

Post videos at the peak time of the day, but this is not the best practice because of two important reasons −

  • YouTube takes time to index and analyse the video so that it can suggest it to more viewers

  • The creator should reap the views to get before reaching the prime time

While the time when a video is published may not affect its performance, in the long run. It matters a lot during the few hours of posting. The first two hours are crucial. This is when any videos get the most views. The best course of action is to post them up to two hours before the peak time so that a proper build-up is created until the channel gets the most traffic during the day.


Scheduling YouTube videos is an excellent way to ensure success but don’t forget to share quality content consistently. This will create an excitement within the audiences to know when they can expect new content from a channel. Overall, it ensures audiences that they will get new videos according to their free time. An entertainment channel benefits most from posting between Fridays and Sundays, while an educational channel gets more engagement between Mondays and Thursdays.