How to Share Embed YouTube Video Link for Blogs?

Have you ever wished to display a YouTube video to pupils in segments but unable to locate the beginning of the clip? Or perhaps you included a link to a YouTube video in a Blackboard module and had to instruct students to just begin watching at a specific point and stop x minutes later? It is possible to make this simpler for both teachers and pupils. You can do this by changing the link—also referred to as a URL—that you provide to students.

Instead of providing them with a YouTube URL that will play the video in its entirety, you can have an effective start for your YouTube videos and can include the link in the blog post too.


  • Step 1 − Go to the and select the video for which you want to have an effective start (as shown below).
  • Step 2 − Click on the selected video. The video plays in a separate page. Scroll down. You will find SHARE button. Click on the SHARE button.
  • Step 3 − When you click on the SHARE button, a pop-up window opens up (as shown below). Click on the Embed tab.
  • Step 4 − A new pop-up video will be opened up (as shown below).
  • Step 5 − Under the Embed video, check the box - Start at. Here I’m mentioning the Start time at – 1:20 sec (i.e., 80 sec).
  • Step 6 − Copy the entire Embed Video link (as shown below).
  • Step 7 − Now you can use this Embed code anywhere in the blog using HTML. For this article we have shown the example using Once we have made an account on, we need to click on the NEW POST (as shown below).
  • Step 8 − A new post will be opened up (as shown below). Click on this <>. You will be seen with HTML view and Compose view. Click on the HTML view tab.
  • Step 9 − Copy and paste the Embed Video link. It will be displayed (as shown below). Click on the PUBLISH button.
  • Step 10 − The video gets published in the blog post and the video starts to play at 1:20 sec (as shown below).


Having learned how to do this, you may now set your own "Start" times for the YouTube videos and get them posted on your blogs.

So keep this great tip in mind the next time you want to include a YouTube video in one of your presentations or want to send a YouTube movie to a friend via email or social media. They will benefit from the time savings and will know exactly what you intended for them to see.