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Regular Expressions in Javascript - Master course + projects

Created by DigiFisk (Programming Is Fun), Last Updated 17-Jun-2020, Language:English

Regular Expressions in Javascript - Master course + projects

Learn how to create simple to complicated regular expressions in Javascript with hands on examples & real world problems

Created by DigiFisk (Programming Is Fun), Last Updated 17-Jun-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn the core concepts of regular expressions - how they work, how to create them and how to apply them
  • Learn how to apply the regular expression concepts you learn in JavaScript programming
  • Learn how to create all kinds of regular expressions - from simple to very complicated patterns
  • Take pattern matching to the next level by learning the various options you have in JavaScript regex
  • Learn how to use brackets, metacharacters and character ranges and sets to create advanced regex patterns
  • Learn how to test regular expressions and use them in appropriate string and regex methods in JavaScript
  • Learn the simplicity of lazy and greedy matching
  • Learn how to use grouping, capture groups and backreferencing to create updated, and accurate regex patterns of this decade
  • Learn how to use lookaheads, lookbehinds, anchors and unicode properly
  • Apply your knowledge in real world problems with illustrated explanations on how to solve them.


  • Know the basics of JavaScript


Regular expressions are an essential part of problem solving in computer science. They can be tricky to learn if you don't approach the topic right.

In this course, we hope to break down the regular expressions into manageable parts so you can learn them fast and retain the concepts much longer.

This course will be useful for both Javascript programmers and programmers of other programming languages because we focus on the core concepts of regular expressions before teaching you how to apply them in Javascript.

You'll also learn the sheer power of regular expressions, used in combination with the powerhouse that is the Javascript language. Add the latest ECMAScript updates to the mix, and you end up with something that is unparalleled in the other languages.

Every concept is taught through a wealth of over-the-shoulder examples so you understand the concepts better.

Why should you choose our course? 

1. We like to be thorough in our teaching. You'll find everything you need to start creating complicated regular expression patterns. You won't have to look anywhere else. 

2. We strongly advocate learning by doing, rather than just listening or reading. Our lectures are filled with a wealth of examples that explain every concept clearly. 

3. If you follow along with our examples in our over-the-shoulder trainings, and create our examples with us, you'll have a thorough understanding of what regular expressions are, and how they work in Javascript. You'll be able to confidently add this as a skill in your resume. 

4. We prefer creating fun projects to explain the concepts and to keep things interesting as well. You'll learn how to apply the concepts you learn in the course in the real world projects and examples.

So, what are you waiting for? Enroll now and start creating complicated, yet accurate regex patterns that can be used in real world pattern matching scenarios in no time at all!  

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who'd like to take their Javascript skills to the next level and learn how to create regular expressions with Javascript.
  • Update your resume with your knowledge on regular expressions.
  • Anyone who'd like to learn the core concepts of regular expressions and apply it to their language of choice.
  • Can be useful for people who work with data, like data scientists, as well, because regular expression is a required skill in this field
  • Update yourself with the latest regular expressions updates in Javascript (ES6, ES7 and ES8)

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