Pycharm - Tips


PyCharm includes various tips during startup that help its user to understand its functionalities and operations. It also includes some shortcuts which are mandatory to understand.

In this chapter, you will see some of the important PyCharm tips.

Changing the File to a Specific Changelist

This tip shows how to change the file to a specific changelist as per the user’s choice. This helps in managing repositories as per version control system settings. Observe the following screenshot for a better understanding −

Changing File

Display the List of all Usages in a Class

This function displays the list of all usages included in a specific class, method or variable across the project. It quickly enables the user to jump to specific area. Observe the following screenshot for a better understanding −

Display List

To find Menu Command for an Action

This tip helps to find menu command for a specific action and the shortcut key for the same is Ctrl+Shift+A. A user can select desired action from the mentioned suggestion list.

Menu Command

Running Inspection through a Code

This tip helps in running a specific inspection through the code. The shortcut key combination for the same is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I.

Running Inspection

Specify the List of Settings

This tip is used to specify the list of desired settings. It includes smart keys for specific editor. The smart keys are shortcut keys for some operations.

Specify List

Run / Debug the Script Files

This tip is very useful for running or debugging the script files which you can access through main toolbar. The shortcut key combination for same is Alt+Shift+F10.

Debug Script Files