Pycharm - Micros


Micros deal with getting places within a specified file. These tools end up using most of the development procedure. In this chapter, you will learn Micro in detail.

Consider the example of Structure Panel which is being used as representation of micros.

Scroll from Source

It helps to scroll from the mentioned source like the complete folder location of the specified file.

Scroll Source

Collapse All

Consider the screenshot shown below which shows opening the file with specified location.In order to collapse the folder structure, you can use the shortcut key shown in the image.


This shortcut key helps in collapsing the folder location of specified code as shown below.


Show Options menu

The Show Options menu of the structure panel of project displays the list of options available for the project created. Observe the screenshot shown below for a better understanding −

Show Options Menu

The list of options is displayed below −

List Option


This option helps to hide the structure panel of the project window. The user interface of the structure panel after being collapsed is as shown below −

Hide Hiding Option

You can reopen the structure panel as shown here −

Structure Panel