Pycharm - JavaScript Support


In this chapter, we will focus on main features in using JavaScript in PyCharm editor. When a user implements JavaScript library through URL, PyCharm intends to download a local copy so it can be used for completion and code analysis.

Consider the sample code of our HTML file as shown below, which we created in the previous chapter −

Html Sample Code

For each HTML file or JavaScript file, you can check the external libraries loaded through Settings configuration of PyCharm Editor. Observe the screenshot shown below for a better understanding −

Javascript File

Note that you cannot see any library unless you download and implement it. PyCharm also includes JavaScript support of various libraries through a toolbox called JS Toolbox. The following screenshot shows this.

Js Toolbox

It also includes various attributes which are necessary for the JavaScript file configuration. The list of attributes and configurations is shown below −

List Attributes

Observe that it includes various parameters such as Unit test suffix, File suffix, View suffix, Search URL and the specific Root directory.