Pycharm - Debugging and Breakpoints


Running a python code comprises of two modes: running a script and debugging the script. This chapter focusses on debugging the Python script using PyCharm.

Steps Involved

The steps for debugging the Python project are as explained below −

Step 1

Start with debugging the Python project as shown in the screenshot below −

Debug Demo

Step 2

Now, Windows firewall asks permission for debugging the Python project as the procedure involves line by line compilation.

Windows Security

Step 3

The debugging console is created in PyCharm editor as shown below which executes the output line by line.

Debugging Console

The run button moves from one line to another to execute the output as the way we want.

Run Button

Understanding Breakpoints

While debugging a particular script, it is intentional to create a breakpoint. Breakpoints are intentional stopping place or the place where the code is paused in order to identify the output at specific stage.

Understanding Breakpoints

In PyCharm, breakpoints are visible using a separate dialog in the specified editor. It includes various attributes to evaluate the breakpoints defined and tracing log for the same with a main motive to achieve better programming practice.