Pycharm - Macros


The difference between a macro and Omni is subtle in PyCharm Editor. Omni allows you to go to the exact location of editor or a specified place of code with no particular significance. Macro on the other hand allows the user to navigate through functions and classes or particular class method.

Navigate Macro

Observe the following screenshot for a better understanding of Navigate macro −

Navigate Macro

The Navigate -> Declaration helps to show declaration, type declaration and to define super methods. Various attributes included in the type declaration are shown below −

Navigate Declaration

However, there is an issue with this macro, if a user tries to go to the declaration of a .so object for example, navigating from datetime module to select module, then each time it will encounter the stub file.

Search Everywhere

It helps to search the classes and associated methods. It includes the option to search with Google as well.

Search Anywhere

Each of these parts includes a shortcut key combination next to its section name. Search Everywhere is a gateway to other search actions available in PyCharm.