Pycharm - Pyramid


You can create a project of Pyramid Framework in PyCharm editor by using its Welcome Window.

A user can set the project’s interpreter and Python location, choosing scaffold, and a template language by default. The scaffold in Pyramid framework uses URL dispatch to map URLs and to view code and SQLAlchemy for persistence properties.

Pyramid Framework

PyCharm editor will ask user with list of required packages in the file and prompts the user to download the required packages.


Install the project in development mode (refer to official documentation of Pyramid for more details). The user should run python through the menu Tools -> Run option.

Tools Setup

A user should select develop task while running a .py file as mentioned in the below window −

Develop Task

It is important to initialize the database using console script named initialize <project_name> using the following command −

initialize_pyramiddemo_db development.ini

The user can start the server by running the project which will display the result as shown below −

Project Name