Pycharm - Introduction


PyCharm is the most popular IDE used for Python scripting language. This chapter will give you an introduction to PyCharm and explains its features.

PyCharm offers some of the best features to its users and developers in the following aspects −

  • Code completion and inspection
  • Advanced debugging
  • Support for web programming and frameworks such as Django and Flask

Features of PyCharm

Besides, a developer will find PyCharm comfortable to work with because of the features mentioned below −

Code Completion

PyCharm enables smoother code completion whether it is for built in or for an external package.

SQLAlchemy as Debugger

You can set a breakpoint, pause in the debugger and can see the SQL representation of the user expression for SQL Language code.

Git Visualization in Editor

When coding in Python, queries are normal for a developer. You can check the last commit easily in PyCharm as it has the blue sections that can define the difference between the last commit and the current one.

Code Coverage in Editor

You can run .py files outside PyCharm Editor as well marking it as code coverage details elsewhere in the project tree, in the summary section etc.

Package Management

All the installed packages are displayed with proper visual representation. This includes list of installed packages and the ability to search and add new packages.

Local History

Local History is always keeping track of the changes in a way that complements like Git. Local history in PyCharm gives complete details of what is needed to rollback and what is to be added.


Refactoring is the process of renaming one or more files at a time and PyCharm includes various shortcuts for a smooth refactoring process.

User Interface of PyCharm Editor

The user interface of PyCharm editor is shown in the screenshot given below. Observe that the editor includes various features to create a new project or import from an existing project.

PyCharm Editor

From the screenshot shown above, you can see the newly created project Demo and the site-packages folder for package management along with various other folders.

You can download the PyCharm Editor and read its official documentation at this link −

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