AI & ML prime pack by SpotleAI

9 hand-picked video courses to master AI-ML


At Tutorialspoint, our Ultimate goal is to provide you with all the support you require for your Professional career in AI/ML. We have designed this Prime Pack in such a way that even a beginners level developer or a noncoder can learn and use this knowledge for their upcoming future. . It will cover technologies like Machine learning, TensorFlow and Keras, AI on the cloud, all with the help of Python language. In the end, you will learn to build a real-life project.

Scope of Machine Learning and AI

  • As of 2022, Machine Learning Experts can earn as much as $118,000 a year!

  • Machine learning is expanding in all fields such as banking, health, IT, security, HR, etc.

  • Tesla’s self-driving car is the best in the industry - it is built by machine learning and AI assistance.


  • 9 Modules

  • 250+ Lectures

  •  24.5Hrs HD Videos

  • Course Curated By Industry Experts

  • Up-to-Date Curriculum

  • Full Lifetime Access

  • 30 Days Refund Policy

  • Certificate on each course Completion


  • Hands-on Project - Building a machine learning model using BigQuery

  • Hands-on project - Building a machine learning model using GCP and Tensorboard.


  • The overview of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks.

  • Hands-on - Different types of deep learning techniques and their applications using Python.

  • Learn from image processing to object detection to face recognition

  • The principle of supervised and unsupervised learning and their difference.

  • Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Regression Tree, Discriminant Analysis, Naïve Bayes Classifier, K-NN with lots of real-life examples using Python programming language.

  • How to choose the right set of algorithms to solve your problem statement.


  • Passion to learn Programming Languages

  • A Computer with Internet

  • Some basic Computer knowledge

AI & ML prime pack by SpotleAI
This Prime Pack Includes :

26 hours

9 Video Courses

Lifetime Access

Certificate Completion
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