Scientific Units Named After Inventors

The following table illustrates the list of scientific units, which are exclusively named after their inventors/discovers −

Scientist/Inventor Unit Measures
André-Marie Ampère ampere (A) Electric current
Lord Kelvin kelvin (K) Thermodynamic temperature
Antoine Henri Becquerel becquerel (Bq) Radioactivity
Anders Celsius degree Celsius (°C) Temperature
Charles-Augustin de Coulomb coulomb (C) Electric charge
Alexander Graham Bell decibel (dB) Ratio
Michael Faraday farad (F) Capacitance
Joseph Henry henry (H) Inductance
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz hertz (Hz) Frequency
James Prescott Joule joule (J) Energy, work, heat
Sir Isaac Newton newton (N) Force
Georg Simon Ohm ohm (Ω) Electrical resistance
Blaise Pascal pascal (Pa) Pressure
Werner von Siemens siemens (S) Electrical conductance
Nikola Tesla tesla (T) Magnetic flux density
Alessandro Volta volt (V) Electric potential & electromotive force
James Watt watt (W) Power & radiant flux
Wilhelm Eduard Weber weber (Wb) magnetic flux
Jean-Baptiste Biot biot (Bi) Electric current
Peter Debye debye (D) Electric dipole moment
Loránd Eötvös eotvos (E) Gravitational gradient
Galileo Galilei galileo (Gal) Acceleration
Carl Friedrich Gauss gauss (G or Gs) Magnetic flux density
William Gilbert gilbert (Gb) Magnetomotive force
James Clerk Maxwell maxwell (Mx) Magnetic flux
Hans Christian Ørsted oersted (Oe) Magnetic field strength
Jean Léonard Marie Poiseuille poise (P) Dynamic viscosity
George Gabriel Stokes stokes (S or St) Kinematic viscosity
Anders Jonas Ångström ångström (Å) Distance
Heinrich Barkhausen Bark scale Psychoacoustical scale
Thomas Hunt Morgan centimorgan (cM) Recombination frequency
Marie Curie and Pierre Curie curie (Ci) Radioactivity
John Dalton dalton (Da) Atomic mass
Henry Darcy darcy (D) Permeability
Gordon Dobson Dobson unit (DU) Atmospheric ozone
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit degree Fahrenheit (°F) Temperature
Enrico Fermi fermi (fm) Distance
Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield Hounsfield scale Radio density
Karl Jansky jansky (Jy) Electromagnetic flux
Samuel Pierpont Langley langley (ly) Solar radiation
Irving Langmuir langmuir (L) Gas exposure dose
Wilhelm Röntgen röntgen (R) X-rays or gamma radiation
Charles Francis Richter Richter magnitude Earthquake
Theodor Svedberg svedberg (S or Sv) Sedimentation rate
Evangelista Torricelli torr (Torr) Pressure