Major Theories and Laws in Physics

The following table illustrates the major theories in Physics along with their respective fields −

Theory Filed
Standard Model Nuclear Particle Physics
Quantum field theory
Quantum electrodynamics
Quantum chromodynamics
Electroweak theory
Effective field theory
Lattice field theory
Lattice gauge theory
Gauge theory
Grand unification theory
Superstring theory
Quantum optics Optical physics
Quantum chemistry Atomic and molecular physics
Quantum information science
BCS theory Condensed matter physics
Bloch wave
Density functional theory
Fermi gas
Fermi liquid
Many-body theory
Statistical Mechanics
Big Bang Astrophysics
Cosmic inflation
General relativity
Newton's law of universal gravitation
Lambda-CDM model
Newton's Law of universal gravitation Mechanics
Newton's Laws of motion
Ampère's circuital law Current Electricity
Birch's law Geophysics
Bell's theorem Quantum mechanics
Beer–Lambert law Optics
Avogadro's law Thermodynamics
Boltzmann equation
Boyle's law
Coulomb's law Electrostatics and Electrodynamics
Doppler effect Sound
Theory of relativity (Einstein) Modern Physics
Faraday's law of induction Electromagnetism
Gauss's law Mathematical Physics
Pascal's law Fluid statics and dynamics
Planck's law Electromagnetism
Raman scattering Optics
Vlasov equation Plasma physics