Awards Given in Physics

Following are the exclusive category of awards given in the field of Physics −

David Adler Lectureship Award in the Field of Materials Physics
Alexander Hollaender Award in Biophysics
Hannes Alfvén Prize
Andrew Gemant Award
Appleton Medal and Prize
ASA Gold Medal
ASA Silver Medal
Hans Bethe Prize
Blaise Pascal Chair
Bogolyubov Prize
Bogolyubov Prize (NASU)
Bogolyubov Prize for young scientists
Boltzmann Medal
Ludwig Boltzmann Prize
Tom W. Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics
Max Born Prize
Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
Oliver E. Buckley Condensed Matter Prize
CAP-CRM Prize in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
Charles Hard Townes Award
Comstock Prize in Physics
Elliott Cresson Medal
Davisson–Germer Prize in Atomic or Surface Physics
Demidov Prize
Duddell Medal and Prize
Eddington Medal
Edison Volta Prize
Einstein Prize for Laser Science
Albert Einstein Award
Albert Einstein Medal
Einstein Prize (APS)
Albert Einstein World Award of Science
EPS Europhysics Prize
Faraday Medal and Prize
Nobel Prize in Physics
Fluid Dynamics Prize (APS)
Foresight Institute Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology
List of Fritz London Memorial Prizes
Hector Memorial Medal
Dannie Heineman Prize for Astrophysics
Dannie Heineman Prize for Mathematical Physics
Henri Poincaré Prize
Hoyle Medal and Prize
Infosys Prize
Isaac Newton Medal
Frank Isakson Prize for Optical Effects in Solids
James Clerk Maxwell Prize in Plasma Physics
James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials
Niels Bohr Institute
Om Prakash Bhasin Award
Otto Hahn Prize
Abraham Pais Prize for History of Physics
George E. Pake Prize
Max Planck Medal
Earle K. Plyler Prize for Molecular Spectroscopy
Pomeranchuk Prize
Prize Ampère
Aneesur Rahman Prize for Computational Physics
Rayleigh Medal
Rayleigh Medal and Prize
David Richardson Medal
Richtmyer Memorial Award
Robert A. Millikan award
Rumford Prize
Rutherford Medal and Prize
Sakurai Prize
Abdus Salam Award
Arthur L. Schawlow Prize in Laser Science
Walter Schottky Prize
Simon Memorial Prize
Sloan Fellowship
R W B Stephens Medal
Swan Medal and Prize
Thomson Medal and Prize
Three Physicists Prize
VASVIK Industrial Research Award
Wolf Prize in Physics