Physics - Geophysics


  • Geo-physics is a specialized branch of Earth science that studies the physical properties and physical process of the Earth.

  • Geophysicists use some quantitative methods and advance technology to analyze the Earth’s properties and process.

  • Technology of geophysics is used to locate mineral resources, mitigate natural hazards, and protection of the environment.

  • Geophysics has been carved out as an independent discipline from different subjects, such as, geology, physical geography, astronomy, meteorology, and physics.

Elements of Geophysics

  • Major elements those are studied under the geophysics are −

    • Shape of the Earth

    • Gravitational force of the Earth

    • Magnetic Fields of the Earth

    • Internal structure of the Earth

    • Composition of the Earth

    • Movement of the Earth’s plate (plate tectonics)

    • Volcanic activity

    • Rock formation

    • Water cycle

    • Fluid dynamics, etc.

Problems that Geophysicists Address

  • Following are the problem areas that geophysicists address −

    • Building highways and bridges

    • Mapping and exploration of mineral resources

    • Mapping and exploration of water

    • Mapping the earthquake and volcanic regions

    • Geological mapping

    • Problems that Geophysicists Address
    • Archeology discovery

    • Construction of dam and its safety

    • Forensic discovery (finding the buried dead bodies)

Techniques and Technology of Geophysics

  • Following are the major techniques and technology of geophysics −

    • Geo-magnetism

    • Electromagnetics

    • Polarization

    • Seismic technology

    • Ground penetrating radar (GPR), etc.

Benefits of Geophysics

  • Following are the major benefits of geophysics −

    • Researching and studying archeological sites without destroying them

    • Designing environmental friendly urban architecture

    • Locating and judiciously exploiting natural resources

    • Helping in mitigation of natural hazards such as landslide, earthquake, etc