Name the wastes which are generated in your house daily. What measures would you take for their disposal?

The most common examples of the wastes generated in our house on daily basis are polythene bags, left-over food, fruit and vegetable peels, and leaves of potted plants.

It is possible to reduce the problems relating to the disposal of garbage, by adopting the following means:
  1. The garbage should be thrown in proper places. It should not be thrown ‘ on streets, roads, parks, etc.
  2. The part of the garbage that can be reused should be separated from the one that cannot be used. The non-useful components should be disposed of at landfill areas.
  3. By following the rule of the Three R’s:
  • Reduce: Use the things in a minimum amount that is necessary to fulfill your requirement.
  •  Recycle: The things such as plastic, paper, glass, and metals separated from the garbage may be recycled to make new things instead of dumping them along with other wastes.
  •  Reuse: It means the use of things again and again. For example, plastic bottles of jam or pickles can be used for storing things in the kitchen.
Along with government and local municipality corporations, it is also the duty of every citizen to help in the garbage disposal. A clean environment is necessary to keep us healthy and also to avoid the spread of diseases. One should throw garbage at proper places, such as dustbins so that Safai Karamcharis can collect the garbage easily.


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Updated on: 05-Jan-2023


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