Found 9 Articles for Class 10

Virtually True

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Introduction Virtually True is a science fiction by Paul Stewart and it discusses computers, video games, virtual reality, three-dimensional modelling, etc. All of these are woven into the story of Sebastian Shultz. Paul Stewart, a children's book author who was born in London in 1955, is best known for three series that he wrote with the illustrator Chris Riddell. Summary This story is a science fiction and is about virtual reality. The narrator of the story purchased a computer and virtual reality accessories with several expensive games. The narrator learns of ‘Sebastian Shultz's miraculous recovery' while riding a train. Sebastian ... Read More

The Trees

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Introduction The Trees is a poem written by Adrienne Rich. Adrienne Rich was born in Baltimore, in Maryland on May 16th, 1929. She went to Radcliffe College and graduated in the year 1951. She was selected by Sir W. H. Auden to win the famous Yale Series of Younger Poets prize for A Change of World that same year. The poetess wrote around 20 volumes of poetry. She is often addressed as a feminist and a radical poet. As the title of the poem suggests, The Trees is about the existence of trees. The poetess has expressed how humans ... Read More

The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner

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Introduction The Rime of the Ancient Mariner is a poem written by S T Coleridge. Samuel Taylor Coleridge, an English poet, literary critic, and philosopher, co-founded the Romantic Movement with his friend William Wordsworth. In the poem, the old sailor is portrayed as one of the wedding guests by the poet, who then begins to recount his tale. He begins by describing how their ship sailed out of the harbour joyfully but later encountered difficulties and despair prevailed. He shot and killed a bird. Due to his sin, he was cursed. Summary One wedding guest was stopped by an elderly ... Read More


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Introduction The poem Snake written by D H Lawrence is about the poet’s encounter with a snake on a water trough. The poet is conflicted with the idea of whether to kill the snake or respect it. The snake was thirsty and drinking water. After drinking water, the snake started slowly going into the hole and then the poet threw a log at the snake. Then he felt ashamed of his behaviour. Summary One hot sunny day, the poet sees a snake drinking water on the water trough. The snake was golden-brown. When the poet saw the ... Read More

Patol Babu, Film Star

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Introduction Patol Babu, Film Star was written by Bengali director Satyajit Ray. 52-year-old Patol Babu was allowed to perform a very brief role as a pedestrian in a movie. Satyajit Ray is an Indian director who produced Bengali movies. He is considered one of the best filmmakers of the 20th century. Ray directed 36 movies, including short films as well as documentaries. Summary Patol Babu was a resident of Calcutta and a worker. But he lost his nine-year job as a result of the war. He then made numerous attempts at jobs and companies but failed. Patol Babu is a ... Read More

Not Marble, nor the Gilded Monuments

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Introduction ‘Not Marble, nor the Gilded Monuments’ is written by one of the most prominent poets the world has ever seen, William Shakespeare. This sonnet is beautifully rhythmic. The poet tries to show the power of words and rhymes in this sonnet. It is about the destructive power of nature. There are multiple literary devices used in this sonnet. Some of the literary devices are alliteration, allusion, personification, repetition and epithet. Summary The poem is the 55th sonnet by William Shakespeare. The sonnet is beautifully written and it is rhythmic. The author has tried to describe the power and ... Read More

How to Tell Wild Animals

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Introduction In the poem How to Tell Wild Animals, the poet, Carolyn Wells, is describing the characters of wild animals funnily. The poet has used humorous language and has used rhyme as a literary device. This poem consists of the brute nature of wild animals. Summary The poem starts with a description of different wild animals. In the first stanza the poet is advising the readers that if they travel east, they may encounter many wild animals. She is describing various characteristics to identify the animals. The poet says that if the reader came across a yellowish-brown animal, which ... Read More

A Triumph of Surgery

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Introduction ‘A Triumph of Surgery’, written by James Alfred Wight, is about a little dog, Tricki who was spoiled and indulged with unhealthy treats by his rich mistress, Mrs Pumphrey. Before long, the dog becomes sick and is taken by the veterinarian, Mr Herriot to a clinic for therapy and his well-being. It describes how the owner shows love for her dog through excessive eating which becomes the cause of his illness. Summary The story begins when Mrs Pumphrey takes Tricki for a stroll. A close veterinary notices Tricki and is stunned by his plumped body. He encourages her to ... Read More

The Proposal

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Chapter Summary “The Proposal” by Anton Chekov is a one-act play that talks about the tendencies of wealthy families to seek ties with other wealthy families to expand their wealth through the process of encouraging marriages which is mainly observed in the sense of economic facts. It is a play which shows the quarrelsome nature of all the characters and also displays how a wealthy family ruthlessly encouraged marriage to improve their economic status. Ivan Lomov is the principal protagonist who is a wealthy neighbour of Stepan Chubukov. He is seeking a groom for his twenty-five-year-old daughter, Natalya. There are ... Read More