You want to buy a house. Would you like to buy a house having windows but no ventilators? Explain your answer.

Buying a house that has windows but no ventilators is not safe.  Following are some reasons-

  • The air released by our breath is warm and light.
  • Hot air moves upwards due to its lightness.
  • This hot air inside the house can be released through the ventilator.
  • Due to lack of ventilator in the house, hot air will remain inside the house and will be able to escape.
  • If there is no ventilation in the house, then fresh air will not be able to enter the house and there will be lack of oxygen in the indoor air.
  • This will suffocate inside the house.
  • Due to the absence of ventilators in the house, the particles of dirt, odor, moisture, and air pollutants present in the air will not be able to get out of the house.

All this suggests that ventilators are important for maintaining indoor air quality. So, a house without ventilators should not buy.


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