Music Promotion Full Guide: How to Earn Money with Music

Become a successful in the music industry using the finest methods and technologies!


I have come a long way in the music industry interacted with many specialists in different areas (music production, sound design, film scoring, etc.). Now I know how to make money in most of these areas, and I wish you didn't spend years gathering knowledge, but to get it here and now to prioritize your activities correctly and archieve your success step by step. After completing the course, you will be well versed in the specifics of music promotion and production proccesses, and able to pave your own path to the top of the musical Olympus.

Get rich or… no «or». We’ll take a look at the areas of the music industry and their features, understand how to build your success story and earn money there. We’ll talk regarding the ways to attract the investments and clarify the key costs.

Strategic thinking. You will be able to build a strategic plan for the development of you as an artist, as well as to form a project plan for music releases using the approach of project management. In addition to that, we'll break down 7 key resources required to meet your goals in the music industry, and we check what is required to be added or improved.

Scientific methods. We will touch the realm of psychology by looking at how Jung's 12 key archetypes are reflected in the music industry and how to use them to increase your fan base. Some cognitive psychology’s advices will be helpful to write a biography and artist’s story.

Step-by-step. We'll go over all the steps of building an artist image - from describing your strengths to shaping your look and unusual features. All the steps of music production and music promotion opportunities to get the successful music release will be revealed.

Distribution tactics. Both digital and physical music distribution strategies are described. The questions of how to organize the distribution, how to be playlisted and promote your music compositions are discussed.

Welcome to the journey that will bring a real positive transformation to your music career!


  • You will understand where are the money havens in the music industry and how to attract the investors for music production

  • Digital distribution - how to get your music onto all music platforms and get playlisted + physical distribution - trends, opportunities & advices

  • Investigate how to deal with all the stages of your music creation proccess - from scratch to mixed and well-disigned musical release

  • Build a smart approach to your listener with the tools of social and cognitive psychology. Define your listener’s detailed portrait

  • Learn about your own psychological barriers that block a successful music career. Clarify the resources are needed to move forward

  • Get known of how to create an artistic image, write your personal story and biography in attractive and inspiring way


  • No prior music education is needed to complete this course.
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Music Promotion Full Guide: How to Earn Money with Music
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