Microsoft Expression Web - Backup Website


In this chapter, we will learn how to copy the site to a local computer using Expression Web. Unlike Windows Explorer, there is no Recycle Bin in Expression Web. If we inadvertently delete the website or pages within the site, we are going to be in a Restore situation.

Step 1 − To take a backup of the website, let’s open the site in Expression Web.


Step 2 − Go to the Tools menu and click the Recalculate Hyperlinks… option.

Tools Menu

Click Yes, as shown in the following screenshot.

Recalculate Hyperlinks Command

Step 3 − Next, go to the Site menu and click on the Publishing menu option.


Step 4 − If this is the first time we have published this site, we will receive a message Add a publishing destination, as shown in the following screenshot.

Add Publishing Destination

Step 5 − Click the message and the Connection Settings dialog box will appear.

Message Box

In the Name field, enter the site name. Choose File System from the Connection Type dropdown menu and then browse to the location where you want to back up your website. Next, click the Add button.

Step 6 − If the folder does not currently exist, we will be prompted to create it. Click 'Yes' and the web will be created.

Web Created

Step 7 − Once connected, click the 'View' dropdown and select All Files.

All Files

Step 8 − Select all the files on the left side.

Left Side

Step 9 − Click the right arrow (→) button.

Right Arrow

Once the publishing process starts, the files will be seen as being transferred. When complete, a message will pop up suggesting that the files have been uploaded.