Microsoft Expression Web - Add-Ins


In this chapter, we will learn how to install Add-ins in Expression Web. An Expression Web Add-in, is an external software package that provides additional or enhanced functionality within Expression Web.

Add-ins can be downloaded from the following location For instance, let’s download AddFeed add-in.

Step 1 − Let’s open Expression Web and go to the Tools menu. Click the Add-Ins…menu option.


Step 2 − If this is the first time an Add-in is being installed, then there will be an empty list in the Manage Add-ins dialog box. Let’s click the Install button.


Step 3 − Select the AddFeeds.xadd file and click the Open button.


Step 4 − Once installed, it will show you the following screen. It will ask if we want to enable the add-in. The screen will give all the information on the particular add-in being installed. Click Yes.

Particular Add-Ins

Step 5 − Depending on the add-ins installed, they will be available at a number of locations.

Add-Ins Installed

Step 6 − Next, go to Insert menu. You will see the Twitter or RSS Feed option which is now added after installing the add-in.


You can follow the same steps to install more add-ins as per requirements.