Master CAPL Programming


Master CAPL Programming

Become a skilled Automotive Engineer from the very basics.

updated on icon Updated on Oct, 2023

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Lectures -27

Duration -9.5 hours


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Course Description

Communication Access Programming Language, or CAPL, is a C-based programming language. This event-driven language is only utilized in the PC-based tool environments of Vector Inc.'s CANalyzer and CANoe. This course helps master essential skills required for every Automotive Engineer.

Master CAPL Programming Overview

CAPL gained popularity as a result of its capacity to examine dispersed network data and create software-based automobile ECUs. It is used to manage testing, measurement activities, and module simulation in a contemporary automotive vehicle equipped with an electronic control unit.

The course covers the basics to advanced levels of the language step-by-step with real-time examples. To some extent, learners need to have basic knowledge of electronics, embedded systems, and C programming.


What will you learn in this course:

  • Analyze specific messages or specific data.

  • Explore data traffic.

  • Create and modify the tool’s measurement environment.

  • Create a black box to simulate the rest of the network.

  • Create a custom module diagnostic or service tool.

  • Create programs to perform customized analysis of network logging (playback) files

  • Create complex logging filters.

  • Evaluate the module network software strategy by generating CAN error frames in simulation to see if modules work correctly.

  • Control external IO relays and programmable power supply.

  • Program functional gateway between ECU.

  • Create a network layer as per standard.

  • Can automate ECU testing.

  • Execute diagnostic services.

  • Rest bus simulation.

  • Test Automation. & Network traffic analysis.


What are the prerequisites for this course?

  • Basic knowledge of electronics and automotive.

  • Basic knowledge of C programming.

Master CAPL Programming


Check out the detailed breakdown of what’s inside the course

Mastering CAPL Programming
28 Lectures
  • play icon 01 introduction 12:13 12:13
  • play icon 02 Program Organization, Keywords, Data types and Operators 10:15 10:15
  • play icon Declaration 13:34 13:34
  • play icon Initialization and Local variables are static 20:34 20:34
  • play icon Type Casting and Arrays 21:50 21:50
  • play icon Branching Statements 28:24 28:24
  • play icon Switch Statements And Loops 28:23 28:23
  • play icon UnConditional Branching, Return and this Keyword 26:58 26:58
  • play icon User Defined Functions and Function Overloading 20:28 20:28
  • play icon Logging Automation & Writing log to file 28:37 28:37
  • play icon String Handling Functions 17:08 17:08
  • play icon Measurement Control Functions 17:08 17:08
  • play icon Write Ex and Statistic Functions 23:30 23:30
  • play icon Replay Block Control functions 23:36 23:36
  • play icon Panel Control Functions 18:46 18:46
  • play icon Data Types and Timer Functions 13:04 13:04
  • play icon Physical Value and Raw Value 42:02 42:02
  • play icon Message Selectors 04:32 04:32
  • play icon Accessing CAN Messages 24:26 24:26
  • play icon Environment Variable Functions 09:31 09:31
  • play icon Built in Constants 02:25 02:25
  • play icon Events In CAPL 26:42 26:42
  • play icon RS 232 CAPL Functions 18:18 18:18
  • play icon P Block Functions 09:51 09:51
  • play icon File IO Functions 27:57 27:57
  • play icon Profiled file functions 18:04 18:04
  • play icon Byte Conversion Functions 32:50 32:50
  • play icon User Interface Functions 06:37 06:37

Instructor Details



Programming Expert

My Name is S.Thaminmun Ansari. An Engineering Graduate in Electronics & Instrumentation from University of Madras. I grew up in a small village near Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu. I started my professional career in 2004 as Embedded Software Developer in an Indian based company called Sands Instrumentation. switched my office to Visteon Technical and Service Centre Pvt Ltd an automotive MNC in Chennai in 2007. Served till 2014 and saw complete life cycle of four automotive products from scratch to launch. I visited UK in 2011 and China in 2012 as part of business assignment through Visteon.

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content is good.


Tomas Koudelka

This course is not just theoretical, the presenter has very good working knowledge of Canoe and CAPL for automotive applications. I reccomend this course to everyone who wants to get hands on examples explained throughout the course.


mahesha s

Good.. very well explained

saish gaonkar

saish gaonkar

Some Contents (Basics and beginning tutorials) are missing which the tutor references he has completed in previous session. Has covered most of the topics related to CAPL apart from which where actual hardware is required. Pronunciation for certain words is little different which might be confusing

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