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Learn Angular 8 by building a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Develop a real world Movie Browser app and deploy on Google's Firebase free hosting service

Created by Vinod Kumar Kayartaya, Last Updated 06-Jan-2020, Language:English

What Will I Get ?

  • Install Node, Angular CLI, Firebase tools.
  • Create a new Angular 8 app from scratch.
  • Build a production ready application.
  • Develop a real "Movie browser" Application.
  • Deploy to Google Firebase's free hosting service.
  • Understand what a PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is.
  • Test your Angular 8 application on Android phone
  • Install the Movie browser app as a desktop application
  • Run your app even when you are offline (using service workers)
  • Create web applications that look and feel like native mobile apps
  • Learn how to cache API results in PWA


  • Basic HTML/CSS/JS knowledge
  • You should have a PC or Laptop with decent internet connection


A Progressive Web App or PWA is a web application that has a set of capabilities (similar to native apps) which provide an app-like experience to users. PWAs need to meet a set of essential requirements that we'll see next. PWAs are similar to native apps but are deployed and accessible from web servers via URLs, so we don't need to go through app stores.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to know what a PWA is.
  • Software developers to learn Angular 8 by coding a real world app
  • Frontend developers interested to learn Angular 8
  • Anyone exploring new features of Angular 8

Course Content

Vinod Kumar Kayartaya

Evangelist, Consultant and Developer.

Hi. My name is Vinod and I am a software trainer, consultant and freelance developer in Bangalore, India.

Most of my professional life, spanning over two decades, I have taken thousands of classroom sessions on various technologies, some of which include Java, Hibernate, Spring framework, Spring boot, Micro services, Docker, Struts, JSF, NodeJS, MongoDB, and JavaScript frameworks like AngularJS, Angular, ReactJS,  etc.

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