Lawn Alternatives

What is Lawn?

A lawn is an area inside or outside the house which consists of soil, grass, plants, etc. The lawn is mowed regularly so that height of grass and plant can be controlled and maintained. In some houses, a lawn is used for recreation. Lawn grasses are available in two forms which include −

  • Warm season grasses

  • Cool season grasses

Warm season grasses have less sugar and can be fed to horses.

Why Lawn Alternatives?

There are a few disadvantages of keeping a lawn and they are discussed below −

  • Cutting of grass has to be done on a regular basis

  • Lawns can pollute water sources

  • Regular watering needed for the growth of plants

  • Lawnmowers are noisy

How to choose a Lawn Alternative?

Lawns have many benefits that are listed below −

  • Soil erosion is prevented

  • It helps in controlling floods

  • Provides habitat to wildlife

  • Controls temperature in warm weather

Top 10 Lawn Alternatives

A lawn can have many alternatives and some of them have been discussed here in detail.

Alternative 1 – Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny is also known as Moneywort. This is a perennial plant that consists of lime-green leaves that grow on winding stems. These plants are planted in pots so that they can grow on its side. The plant can also be wrapped around stepping stones for creating a beautiful path. Occasional trimming has to be done.


  • Mowing is not necessary

  • Can be pruned to make it clean

  • It grows very quickly


  • Regular fertilizing and watering is required

  • An invasive species in some states

Alternative 2 – Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses can be used to lessen the area of your turf lawn. One part of the lawn can be converted into an ornamental grass display. These grasses are resistant to drought and require low maintenance. The grass can grow in any kind of soil and no fertilizers are necessary. These grasses are resistant to pests so no pesticides are necessary.


  • Mowing is not needed

  • These grasses do not spread


  • Walking on these grasses is harmful

Alternative 3 – Red Creeping Thyme

Red creeping thyme has flowers having bright red-purple flowers. These plants grow in early summer. This plant can be planted around a stone path. The plant gives a sweet fragrance and it is also edible. It covers the ground in such a way that it looks like a knit mat.


  • It is tolerant to drought

  • No mowing is needed

  • Has the ability to tolerate foot traffic

  • Edible

  • Pollinators are easily attracted


  • Establishing takes time

  • Available at a high price

Alternative 4 – Moss

Moss is an alternative to lawn which does not need any mowing. Planting a moss is not a simple task as a shady location is needed. Regular watering is also not needed. You can enhance the look of your garden by planting velvety soft patches of moss. Moss also gives a texture like a carpet.


  • Mowing is not needed as moss stays to the ground

  • Moss can handle occasional foot traffic

  • Moss is resistant to drought

  • Different types of mosses are available


  • These plants have to be planted in a shady location

Alternative 5 – Stonecrop Succulents

Stonecrop Succulents are also known as Sedums. These plants have thick leaves that have the ability of storing moisture. These plants can live in hot and dry climates easily. These plants are available in different colors like green, blue, and purple. The plant has a niece texture and can be planted in hilly yards, rock gardens, and paths


  • Grow well in soils having low nutrients

  • Little water is required


  • The plant takes time for establishing

Alternative 6 – Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie is a plant from the mint family that grows very fast and spreads if not controlled. You need to choose a proper place for planting Creeping Charlie. Its growing speed is so fast that it can lead to a disaster if not controlled. The plant needs low maintenance.


  • No requirement of fertilizers, watering, and mowing

  • The plan has a long life

  • The plant is not damaged from activities of children or pets


  • The plant spreads very easily so cutting is required

Alternative 7 – Sweet Woodruff

Sweet Woodruff is a green plant whose height is low. The plant has leaves whose shape is like a star. Small flowers are of white in color. These plants can be planted in a narrow passage way or a big lawn. The plant is an edible herb and it also provides fragrance.


  • Resistant to weed

  • No mowing required

  • Now water and fertilizers required


  • Grow in shade

Alternative 8 – Clover

Clover lawn is available at an affordable price and is also a natural soil fertilizer. Many gardeners plant clover for conditioning of the soil. The plant has the properties of fixing nitrogen and it acts as a fertilizer for the grasses surrounding it. A clover lawn can give its best in poor soil. The clover plant can be planted in yards having the soil with low quality.


  • No mowing, fertilizing, or watering is required

  • The plant is available at an affordable cost


  • The plant spreads quickly so controlling the growth is required

Alternative 9 – Corsican Mint

Corsican mint consists of leaves with small bright green colors. The height of the plant is low and can be easily planted in pots. It also has tiny flowers which can be seen in summer. The plant can grow easily in different kinds of soils. The plant is also used for adding taste to foods as it has a minty flavor.


  • Grows at a fast pace

  • Mild foot traffic is tolerated

  • Edible and useful for culinary purposes


  • Regular water and fertilization are necessary

Alternative 10 – Chamomile

Chamomile is a beautiful and scented plant whose aroma is just like that of an apple. The plant is eco- friendly and required low maintenance. The plant grows quickly and can grow in direct sun or a partial shady area. It can grow in any type and size of lawn.


  • No mowing is required

  • Can be planted anywhere

  • It enriches the soil

  • It is resistant to drought


  • There are toxic varieties of this plant

  • Can grow in direct sun or partial sunlight


Lawns can be found inside or outside a house. The lawn is covered with grass and many plants are also planted. Some of them bear flowers while others bear fruits and vegetables. Lawns are difficult to maintain especially the grasses. There are many alternatives to lawns that can be used to decorate the house.

Updated on: 16-May-2023


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