Latest MS Excel Specifications, Features and Benefits

Since its arrival in March 2017, the new updated version of Windows Excel has grabbed good words of mouth from the global users. It is not new that Microsoft always tries to surprise its users by adding exciting features to its updated applications, this version no 1703 of MS Excel also stands tall in that. The introduction of Dubai Font style and integration of Bing search engine are some few exciting features from the list. Let’s discuss them in a bit detail.

Combine Binary

Though, it is not among the newly added features but yet is the improved one than the previous. Now it is easier to specify custom transformation steps, or you can say, the choice of sample files to pick objects is has gone simpler. This feature was in much demand from the user community since last many years.

Split column by Delimiter

The updated Excel has the capability to automatically detect the diameter characters. Upon splitting of the columns through delimiter with the help of Query Editor, Excel will analyze the data preview rows thus can populate the Delimiter field accordingly. The split of columns is done through the path Home> Split Column.

DB2 Connector

This option is present especially to objectify the package collection. However, the feature can only be used if you have Microsoft IBM DB2 Driver. DB2 connector dialogue is usually present under the Advanced Options section of MS Excel. It helps in identifying the package collection to connect to within the perimeter of a specified DB2 server.

It is Collaborative

Now, you can add multiple people to the list those can view, edit as well as access the Excel file at the same time. The effort is collaborative, just like Google has implemented to all its applications. The sharing of the file comes with easy options; one can easily add beneficiaries without the need of going through any tutorial.

The options are also customizable; You can add some people for only viewing whereas some others to edit as well.

Video Call integration

Most popular video calling application is the new addition to the kitty. Probably Microsoft realised the necessity of real-time face to face conversion for clarifying documentation related issues more quicrealizedthe Skype integration became the result of that. Again, this is a nice attempt of collaborative work culture. This is because, once you hover the cursor over the beneficiary names, a pop-up menu will appear. It will contain the quick links of sending messages and to initiate video calls to them through Skype.

Power Query

It is a data analysis feature for collecting new data from multiple varieties of sources with much ease. To effectively fulfil your data refining requirement, it can merge and shape more than one source file with just a single click of a mouse. Not only this, one can create custom views, can use JSON Parser to create data visuals over Big Data. Apart from this, data cleansing can also be availed. Prior versions of Microsoft had this Power Query as an “add-on” but now, it is a standard feature which can be accessed through Data>Get and Transform path.

Single-click Forecasting

Just browse through the “Tell me” search bar, and you are ready for the forecasting of next month’ sale. By analyzing the past data and trends of your current input, it can predict the occurrence level with approximate length (Duration) and Breadth (Volume of sales). And surprisingly, it is for infinite use. Such visual insight of your data can be accessed through Data Forecast Sheet path. The parameters of calculation are controllable, but the exactness of the prediction depends directly on the accuracy of your input data. Once you are done with a configuration, you can save them for any future reuse.

A strong measure against lost data

This updated version is well proved to take care of your data from getting lost in case you forget to save it prior to shut down. Microsoft introduced this feature first in Outlook and may be its popularity forced the makers to integrate the feature in the new version of Excel as well.

It has outlined some pre-defined policies for sensitive data under which it constantly scans your data on real time basis.Additionally, it synchronizes all of the data of your present across all of Microsoft. With the due permission from the user, it can save the sensitive data like credit card, debit card and other important passwords from the hands of unwanted invaders.

Improved Charts

The older version has provided the tools for charting in an exaggerated way but the same has been taken care of by the updated one much effectively. It zeroed open the limited options and made a significant improvement to those. The introduction of new style charts is even making the data representation livelier. Interestingly, the new charting options have been introduced with rich formatting options that are many users friendly.

Introductions of 6 new charting styles like Treeman/Sunburst, Waterfall, Histogram, Pareto or Box and Whisker are just like cherries on the cake. The path to access them is Recommended Charts > All Charts.

Effective Monitoring through Power BI

Power BI option gives you the ‘One-touch’ sharing power to the prepared Excel file with your boss or any colleagues. Post publications, you can make interactive reports of that as well. Once it get shared through Power BI, you can monitor that within your organisation from all the apps that you use. For others to mark any correction, it will ask for the credentials set by you thus making it even more secure from getting breached.

Enhanced Pivot Table

To make the working experience more rewarding, Ms Excel 2016 has brought some major changes into the PivotTable section. Now, the menu itself provides the direct access for creating, deleting and editing custom measures, unlike previous versions. Even with a single click, the program can create a relationship between all of your existing documents. Easy search options present there also help in finding the complex data much quicker.

Now, with the time grouping option, you can create groups of your existing data based on time. The data those are coming under similar time zone will be grouped together and you can start the analysis just by dragging them.

Text lines in a cell

Creating a new line in Ms Excel has been a daunting task for the veteran users as pressing Enter button will not help instead, it will shift the cursor to the next cell. But, now it is no more a pain; just press Alt+Enter and you are ready to achieve what you have wished for or Control-Option-Return alternatively.

Above are the basic changed features. However, one can get introduced with other changes as well soon after using the new updated version of Microsoft Excel 2017. This time to Microsoft has taken a new step to foster its user community by introducing Office Insider. Once someone becomes an active member of the community, every single upcoming update about the applications will come to his notice first. With this much new addition and changes, latest Ms Excel is going to be a real game changer for Microsoft over Google. However, there are multiple other hidden features present as well which can be revealed upon using the product.

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Updated on: 23-Jan-2020


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