How to encrypt the MS excel workbook?

A procedure should be followed for encrypting an MS Excel. Encryption is nothing but protecting your document from a third party. First, let us look into the definition of encryption.

What is Encryption?

  • The word encryption is derived from the Greek word Kryptos means hidden or a secret.
  • There are certain algorithms to use encryption like RSA algorithms and Diffie-Hellman key exchange algorithms.
  • These algorithms led to the use of encryption in commercial and consumer realms to protect data.
  • The password is the best example of encryption.
  • Encryption is used in sending data across all the networks and ATM is also one of the examples for encryption.
  • Plain text is referred to as data and to this plain text we apply encryption algorithms and perform encryption.
  • Now let’s look into the procedure of encrypting an MS Excel in detail by step by step procedure.

Encrypting an Excel Workbook

  • The encryption feature is provided by Microsoft itself.
  • A Microsoft Excel workbook is nothing but a workbook containing one or more excel sheets.
  • Microsoft uses AES with a 128bit key, plus SHA1 salt and cipher block chaining for encryption
  • Currently, no practical methods can break or crack the algorithm provided by Microsoft.
  • To encrypt the entire excel workbook follow the below procedure.

  • Step 1 − Open the required excel workbook.

  • Step 2 − Go to the file menu.

  • Step 3 − Click protect workbook and choose to encrypt with the password.

  • Step 4 − Type and retype the password and save it.

Excel 2010 and above have better encryption, it is not enough to protect your highly sensitive data. You can use Excel password protection feature to protect it from intruders/casual onlookers or you can use it as an extra layer of security.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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