How to Find YouTube Search Trends?

Keeping up a YouTube presence is a fantastic method to promote your business and generate leads. However, it’s not easy to expand a YouTube channel, though. But how do you withstand the competition against the big YouTube channels?

Simple answer!

Follow the trends in YouTube searches.

Figure out which topics are trending on YouTube currently. Though it's not always simple to track down, there are a few locations where you can look for concepts for viral video ideas. Here are five trustworthy starting points for your search.

Visit YouTube's Explore Page

You may view the top trending YouTube videos by genre on this page, including music, movies, video games, news, sports, learning, and beauty. Although it's not as comprehensive as Google Trends, it's an excellent location to check what's going on in your industry.

How do you Find The YouTube Explore Page?

Step 1 − To find the explore page on YouTube, go to Google Chrome and type website in the Google Chrome Search engine.

Step 2 − On the home page, scroll down the left navigation bar, you will find the Explore section, and click on the trending button (as shown below).

Take a Look at Google Trends' Website

The best trends, as we previously stated, originate outside of YouTube. Google Trends can help you find those instances, I suppose. This tool displays the longevity of any topic's popularity on the internet.

Here's a guide on how to use Google Trends for YouTube.

Step 1 − Visit Google Trends and select Trending Searches from the menu on the left. (as shown below).

Step 2 − Select the country from the drop-down menu and browse the two tabs − Daily search trends and Real-time search trends.

Step 3 − In the Real-Time Search Trends, you can even select the category from the drop-down menu. For example − If I select the Entertainment category, real-time search trends in the Entertainment category will be displayed.

Find YouTube Trending Topics on Google Trends

Step 1 − Go to and enter a search term in the search field on the Google Trends homepage, preferably one that is associated with your channel. As an illustration, let's utilize- FAST WEIGHT LOSS TIPS.(as shown below)

Step 2 − Choose a region, time frame, category, and YouTube as the search type from the tabs in the top row. (as shown below).

Step 3 − Examine the graph to determine how well-liked your subject is. In this illustration “fast weight loss tips" is gaining momentum over time.

Trending Topics Can be Found on Social Media And News Websites.

Look through the Explore page on Instagram to see what's hot right now on social media.

You may look up keywords associated with your specialty on Instagram and see how frequently those phrases have been used. You can also check the many types of reels and videos that are being submitted with that keyword. For example, Type Baking recipes and you will find all the trending videos related to baking recipes.

Keep an Eye on YouTube Trends And The Home Page of YouTube

Since it is based on your interests and viewing patterns, what appears on the YouTube homepage differs from user to user, but it is still a good place to explore for inspiration.

Keep up with some of your favorite creators; you never know when you'll find some of their work inspiring.


Use a combination of a couple of the techniques listed above to identify which subjects have the best possibility of driving significant traffic or return on investment to your YouTube channel. If you have YouTube popular Indian subjects and intriguing, engaging content, you'll get more views. Make videos that are relevant to the most popular YouTube searches and attract organic followers.

Updated on: 22-Dec-2022

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